Iraqi Prisoner Abuse: We Blame the Media

The release of yet more photos of U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners has sparked a very lively debate about whether the media should have run the pictures to begin with. It turns out they shouldn't have. Kaus explains: See, he believes that "there is a large amorphous group of 'swing voter' Arabs who might support terrorism but who might also be persuaded to live in peace." If you believe that, too, then "you really didn't want these photos published, because they are what will lose us the swing voters and produce the blowback. . . Not only does it follow that the photos are best left unpublished; it also follows that the Pentagon was doing the right thing when it attempted to keep them secret."

Mickey makes a good point. Still, we can't help thinking that there's another option that would have really moved the "Arab swing voters" to our side. Maybe, say, not turning their asses into human Lite Brite machines in the first place?

Nix the Pix! [Kausfiles/Slate]


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