Iraqis From Mexico, Mexicans From Iraq

* Completely unrelated to any investigations that might be ongoing, Rep. Rick Renzi says he's out this place. [Election Central]

* The government wants Mexicans to kill your children. [Michelle Malkin]

* MySpace and MTV get together to achieve a dialogue between candidates and Internet users never before seen before YouTube did it already a month ago or whatever. [Think Progress]

* Will talking sense about 50 years of stupid fucking policy hurt Obama? Probably. [Wizbang Politics]

* A useless book, published every so often, is going fly off the shelves in the one bookstore in the one city where people care about this sort of thing. [Political Wire]

* John Warner, libtard senator from the People's Republic of Virginia, demands Junior bring the troops home by Xmas. [Raw Story]

* The ultra-well organized and well-funded Iraqi insurgency is steadily turning Mexico into part of Baghdad. [WorldNewsDaily]

* We've probably been secretly doing things to Pakistan for years. [Hot Air]


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