Iraqis Kicking Out Our Mercenaries

scariest high school football team ever - WonketteThe Iraqi Government is kicking private security firm/mercenary army Blackwater out of their country -- wait, what? They can do that? Blackwater runs their fucking country! Apparently the Iraqis are all upstet that our soldiers-for-hire keep opening fire on civilians because they answer to no one but the dollar. Of course there are something like 100,000 mercenaries in Iraq shoring up our military with half the professionalism at twice the cost, and we kinda need them to secure that one block-long Potemkin "open air market" that all our congresspeople keep visiting.

But the people of Iraq hate them because, well, they keep shooting people for crimes like looking suspicious and driving too close to Blackwater trucks. And yesterday, after a bomb went off near a State Department motorcade, the soldiers of fortune just began shooting randomly at anything that moved (allegedly). And the things that moved happen to be 21 civilians, 8 of whom they killed. So al-Maliki's government has "revoked" their "license," which is totally cute.

But Blackwater also secures our giant fuck-off embassy, so really they will never, ever be kicked out of Iraq, probably not even when President Hitlery Clinton declares the war lost and gives Iraq to "Obama" bin Laden.

Blackwater License Being Pulled in Iraq [AP via NYT]


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