Iraq's Very Own Sex Scandal: We Have Finally Turned the Corner

pimpsup.jpgHey, remember Iraq? Neither did we, but we suddenly developed a renewed interest in the quagmire after reading what started off as just another routine "massive corruption and defrauding the government of billions of dollars of reconstruction money" story:

Stein stole millions in reconstruction money and used it to purchase grenade launchers, machine guns, a personal computer, interest in a Porsche, a Cessna airplane, real estate, 18 Breitling watches, a 6-carat diamond ring and a collection of silver dollars.

In addition, Stein provided women for sexual favors to people he wanted to influence. [emphasis ours]

Suddenly the awarding of no-bid reconstruction contracts is interesting! See how that works, well-meaning liberals? You want us to care about the NSA scandal, throw in a reference to wiretapped phone sex with Al-Qaeda operatives or something.

Tribal tech worker admits committing fraud while in Iraq [Billings Gazette]


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