We read with great interest, if belatedly, about Saddam's court appearance yesterday. I'm sure that if the Provisional Authority had known that the Butcher of Baghdad was going to go all O.J., they would have stayed at least long enough to set up a Court TV affiliate. Delusional former authority figures rock! A favorite bit: Saddam's contention that invading Kuwait was justified because "[t]hey were trying to turn Iraqi women into prostitutes for just $10 ten dinars*." We're dying to know what the counter-offer was, and if it included a book deal.

*Wonkette's monetary operative wrote to correct us: "Without getting all detailed about it, a dinar is like a lira, one of those funny foreign currencies with a 'whole bunch of zeroes per dollar.'"

Handcuffed in His Former Palace, Saddam Defiant [WP]


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