‘Irate Boston Man’ Unloads Epic Rant At Alex Jones Acolyte, Earning Love & Gratitude Of Millions


Here for your enjoyment are four minutes and ten seconds of America's Newest Hero, the as-yet unidentified man heard here calling InfoWars "reporter" Dan Bidondi -- and his boss infamous turd nugget Alex Jones -- the most delightful variety of swears captured on video since whenever Susie Essman was last on Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Kid Zoom's reaction: "What a jackass! I love him!")

Yr Wonkette heartily endorses the sentiments expressed by this citizen-journalist toward the "right-wing conspiracy nudnik," and hopes that "keep runnin' your pissflaps" and "drink a dick, dude" catch on in the common parlance. "Keep fuckin' that chicken" had a good run, but we think that, after the horrors in Boston, America is at last ready to fall in love with a new catchphrase.

[RawStory via alert tipster sullivanst]

Doktor Zoom

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