Irish Bookie Teaches World Real Meaning Of Integrity


Over in Ireland, it's apparently legal to bet any amount on anything at any time, a fact that presumably allows people to deal with the centuries of British oppression and, of course, the recent ban on smoking in pubs. One Irish bookmaker, named "Paddy Power" (it's OK for Irish people to use the "p word", but NOT YOU SASANACH), was taking bets on the next high-profile American to be arrested, and was giving 14-to-1 odds on "Al Gore."

Yet what the hapless bookies failed to realize is that the self-centered Gore family just can't help churning out more Als! Though the Irish gambling enablers were clearly basing their odds on the do-gooder semi-famous ex-Veep, they hadn't counted on his chubby pot-addled son's drivin' and tokin' habit -- or that the eco-friendly father-son team shared a name!

Rather than attempting to weasel out of their obligations like any American company would have done, Paddy Power chuckled ruefully and paid out more than $13,000. In so doing, they served as a shining beacon of upstandingness and stick-to-your-word-tivity. It is possible that they were too drunk to know what they were doing, however.

Irish bookie pays out as cops bust 'wrong' Gore [CNN]


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