Irony Not Lost on Pool Reporter

standardoil.jpgSo the President did something about Gas Prices. It's about time someone did something about Gas Prices! We hear he ordered a probe! The huge press he's getting for it aside, today's pool report seems rather less than impressed:

Pool Report #1
April 25, 2006

President Bush rode a 14- vehicle motorcade there and back to the Marriott Wardman to talk to the Renewable Fuels Association about energy conservation and other topics. En route, the motorcade passed the Exxon station next to the Watergate, where gas prices were $3.29, $3.39 and $3.49 a gallon. Just saying.

Event was open press.

Julie Mason
Houston Chron

Oh, you guys and your little clever jokes. You're a wisenheimer, Julie!

Bush Orders Probe Into Gas Pricing [WP]


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