IRS Agents: Just Like Us!


Tax man got you down? You've spent the last three years trying to shelter your quasilegal income in pseudolegal accounts in Nauru and the Cayman Islands, and now some hot-shot IRS agent is breathing down your neck? Why not send him one of those funny and interesting e-mails your friends all love so much? You know, like those amazing 3D chalk drawings. Or the picture of the Space Shuttle exploding taken from an Israeli spy satellite (IS THIS REAL????). Or all those dirty jokes your uncle sends you!

IRS employees are violating provisions of the personal use policy with their email usage. Specifically, we found inappropriate email messages in 74% of the employee mailboxes reviewed. These inappropriate email messages contained chain letters, jokes, offensive content, and sexually explicit content. The IRS' personal use policy protects the organization from employee actions that might harm or bring unnecessary risk to the organization...While the IRS has conducted awareness presentations and distributed communications to encourage employees to comply with its personal use policy, it does not effectively monitor the email of its employees to ensure compliance with the policy.

Because then the little bastard will be fired, see, and you'll be sittin' pretty.

TIGTA Finds Inappropriate Email on 74% of IRS Employees' Computers [TaxProf Blog]

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