IRS To Holocaust America, Says Never Wrong Matt Drudge

IRS To Holocaust America, Says Never Wrong Matt Drudge

Triple radioactive death ray from space alert siren: the IRS is holocausting America. No, seriously, it is true because Serious Investigationist Reporter Matt Drudge, who has never been wrong about anything, especially when it comes to Holocausty things, says so:

It is Just Like Hitler Day again?!?!?!? (Yes, because every day is Just Like Hitler Day somewhere in America.) Today it is because the IRS apparently paid special attention to Patriot-Americans who waved their guns in the streets because black president, threatened to overthrow the government because black president, cried into their teabags because black president, and shouted about how they weren't going to pay their taxes (which are actually lower because black president) because black president.

As we wonksplained at you on Friday, this has stirred up a whole lot of argle bargle, mixed in with some boring tax lawzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and no, conservatives do not really understand why they are so angry except something about taxes, the IRS and black president. But hey, good enough for Matt Drudge to sound the alarms that the gubmint is coming to put teabaggers on trains and, um, thoroughly investigate their applications for tax-exempt status -- JUST LIKE HITLER!

Never wrong Drudge is probably right, and America is two seconds from 1930s Germany, but just in case he's wrong for the first time ever, we will undoubtedly be here tomorrow for another edition of Just Like Hitler Day, probably because Obama made it drizzle somewhere, which is exactly how the Holocaust started.



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