Is Barack Obama A Secret Australian From The 1950s?

Assuming the president is even human, can anybody verify from which woman's birth canal he sprang, and where, and when? The answer is no, until Barack Obama produces 1) a valid long-form birth certificate with coffee stains to make it look "real" and also 2) a 47-year-old mucus plug. (Note: do not Google "mucus plug" until after lunch.) But in lieu of this evidence, we are left to wonder whether Barack Obama was born in Kenya at all if somebody dug up a birth certificate from South Australia that looks SUSPICIOUSLY like his Kenyan one.

Some enterprising soul at Politijab spent a few hours Googling around for birth certificates that looked vaguely Kenyan in aspect (racism much???), and came across one from Australia that looks weirdly similar. Except it's not for Barry Hussein Sorento at all, it's for some dude named David Bomford.

This should finally put to rest all the birthers' concerns, because now we have definitive proof that Barack Obama is actually a 50-year-old (presumably?) white man from Australia. Or do we?

Kenyan Birth Certificate: PWNED! [Politijab]

Is This the Source of the Forged ‘Kenyan Birth Certificate?’ [Washington Independent]


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