Is Barack Obama Also His Own Grandmother?


Joseph Farah, WorldNetDaily's in-house Zeus, has blown Obama's secret "real" birth historywide open today, on the conservative radio. He says we should stop referring to the so-called "relatives" of Barack Obama as mother, grandmother, father, wacky uncle, etc., because these people could be anyone. Barack Obama's mother could be his grandmother! His grandmother could be Saddam Hussein! Saddam Hussein could be Trig! Trig could be (and is) King Tut?

When a standard psychopath asked Farah on the radio today about whether Obama's "decision to briefly suspend his presidential campaign last year in order to visit his ailing grandmother was really a plot by Obama to get his hands on key documents in order to perpetrate a cover-up of his ineligibility," Farah was like, I'LL ONE-UP YOU:

Well, Madelyn Dunham is a very interesting person. As you know, Barack ... the ... and I want to be careful when he identify people as "mother," "father," "grandmother," and so forth because honestly I don't think we know with any certainty whatsoever who those players are in Barack Obama's life. And perhaps he doesn't either. I suspect he does, but it's possible he doesn't know. And it is entirely within the realm of possibility that Madelyn Dunham was his mother and there's a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that."

Circumstantial evidence -- the best kind. We hear that Joseph Farah is from HELL and his mother is Ramses II!

Farah: Obama's Grandmother Was Really His Mother [Right Wing Watch]


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