High as a kite.Those who have seen him in action have probably noticed something weird about America's favorite Democratic presidential candidate with a decent jump shot. Obama's always so ... hopeful. Is it all the coke and the weed? Or is he consuming more prescription meds than Cindy McCain on a six-day bender at the Naval infirmary?

A commenter to an otherwise unremarkable story on Political Radar observes something a little "off" about the senator's demeanor:

It really makes you wonder what goes on under the facade that is Obama. That is one of the things I like about Hillary, she is passionate and it shows. You just know she is going to fight for you. In Obama I see indifference, almost as if he is robotic, going though the motions. I wonder if he is on anti-depressents?

Of course, wise political minds know the truth: his robotic demeanor is due to the fact that he is an actual robot, sent from the future to kill us all. This is why he doesn't understand references to Saturday Night Live.

Obama Takes the Pillow, Not the Bait [Political Radar]


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