Corruption? OMG!Mean people in Congress totally made Condoleezza Rice interrupt her usual routine by making her sit down and answer a bunch of boring questions about, you know, Iraqi government corruption, murderous Blackwater mercenaries, and a bunch of other stuff that she doesn't know anything about. Ooooh... why does Waxman keep pestering Condi?

Indeed, when that awful Waxman guy was going on and on and on about how corrupt the Iraqi guys are, Condi got mad! How insulting to our wonderful friends over there to even suggest it! In response, she threw back at Waxman a couple of sentences so tortured, so completely meaningless and dense, that light itself could not penetrate her words:

"To assault the prime minister in Iraq, with to date heretofore unsubstantiated allegations or uncorroborated allegations in a setting that would simply fuel those allegations ... would be deeply wrong," Rice said.

Um... what? In other news, it turns out that the American office in Iraq which monitors corruption has a turnover like a revolving door on crystal meth, and is currently run by a high school student or something:

Another point she wasn't aware of: [the Office of Accountability and Transparency] has had, according to Rep. Tierney, four acting or permanent directors in the past ten months alone. The most recent one isn't a diplomat or a trained anti-corruption official at all, but rather a "paralegal" who works at the U.S. embassy. "I should get back to you with a sense of how we manage these programs," she replied.

Maybe you should, Condi! But don't strain yourself!

Lawmakers skewer Rice on Iraqi corruption [Associated Press]

Head of State Dep't Anti-Corruption Office in Baghdad Is A Paralegal [TPM Muckraker]

Photo: AP


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