Is It Worth Bringing In a Replacement WR After the Two-Minute Warning If Your Starter Just Strained His ACL?

rovenyt.jpgThis Times piece provides the absolute best in bullshit speculative "reporting" that the Press Corps has to offer. From the desperate attempt to claim to that the President's dismissive answer to Ms. Bumiller's "gray-beard" question on Tuesday ("Look, [Congress] have got some ideas that I like and some I don't like") could be construed as a vague affirmative, to the classic "there is no news in this news story" disclaimer that comes in graf 6:

It is not clear what role a new appointee would take on, or whether Mr. Bush, known for his loyalty, would be able to make a change without diminishing the standing of Mr. Card and Mr. Rove. Nor is it certain that Mr. Bush will even make a change.

But hey, the people we talk to seem to think he ought to. Therefore: news. Also, Adam pretty much had this story written mostly, we just had to go to the Press Conference and ask the gray-beard question -- it was fun!

Anyway, we'll be pretty surprised if a Republican Elder Statesman makes it anywhere near Bush, though they'll probably throw the party a bone by giving one a honorary title or something. But hell, maybe we're wrong. After all, Andy Card does seem to be getting a little down on himself:

"I take responsibility for everything that has not happened well," Mr. Card said. "I am the staffer responsible for the staff. When people are frustrated, they should be frustrated at me. It's my job."

Simultaneous shouldering of bosses' responsibility and passing of buck to underlings ("responsible for the staff"): Brilliant.

UNRELATED NOTE: What the hell is Karl doing in that picture above? Drinking tea or something? If so: totally gay. Maybe he is on his way out. Fucker's a genius.

Are Late Innings the Time for a Relief Pitcher? [NYT]


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