Is Lusty Congresslady Michele Bachmann Being Naughty?

A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.Bush-groping robot-loving Foster MILF Michele Bachmann is America's favorite Republican lady congressperson from Minnesota, but is the baby-farming beauty getting busy with a fellow lawmaker who is not her husband? Read the hot rumor that is suddenly sweeping the state, after the jump.

We received this exact tip from three (3) different people we don't know, so it could be true, or not! As always, in America, we let you be the judge:

At the 3rd CD convention, the person I was sitting next to told me she'd heard from a Tink staffer (wouldn't say who), that Bachmann has been observed playing footsie with another unnamed person (probably another rep) at her committee meetings (Financial Services Committee).

The person who observed this asked others about this ---and the story is that Bachmann is having an affair with this person.

Beyond the weird initials and abbreviations and "heard it from a friend who" sourcing, this is a pretty impeccable report. But even if it is proven that Crazy Michele was "playing footsie" with somebody at some boring political meeting, that doesn't necessarily mean she's naked having radio phone sex with the person, as she has previously admitted, or trying to tongue-rape the president, as she did last year after the State of the Union speech.

Also, something about cigarettes. You figure it out!


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