Is Maureen Dowd Necessary?*

We Refuse To Mock Her LooksIf there's one thing we've realized thanks to the Maureen Down mediagasm it's this: Thank God we aren't as smart as she is or else we'd never have found a husband. Saturday's Washington Post elaborated on Maureen's scary brilliance; except -- bear with us -- she does get some. Wha? As she told Howie Kurtz: "Any woman who criticizes men for a living -- which I do because politics is still male-dominated -- may have a harder time getting dates. I get plenty."

She's solved the brilliant woman problem! But how? We've been wrapping our feeble man-attracting minds around that one for two days now. Please help.

Sex & the Single Stiletto [WP]

*Apparently someone else came up with this very same headline, itself a riff on the Thurber-White classic, "Is Sex Necessary?" We should have gone with our first choice: "Are Punny Headlines Necessary?"


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