Is 'Roll Call' Going Under?

Is 'Roll Call' Going Under?

Roll Call is a venerable old Capitol Hill rag we should read more often, as it has to do with "politics" etc., but it costs munnie$ for a subscription, so meh. It probably has lots of valuable information and things! Anyway, people on the Twitters think it might be shutting down. At least, MSNBC cartoonist guy Daryl Cagle thinks so. However, some other guy thinks this is just the craziest thing he's ever heard.

That's Chris Dorobek of Federal News Radio, writing three (3) Twitter dealies about how Roll Call will be just fine. Thank God someone quashed this scurrilous rumor before Washington erupted in fires and riots and chaos and bank runs. Men have died over lesser events than the threatened demise of our precious Roll Call.

And for what it's worth, our take: it is true that publications focusing on DC and politics did handsomely in 2008 with the MASSIVELY HISTORIC ELECTION and all, and may plausibly do well in the year ahead, as we witness a pretty major turnover in government and (cross your fingers!) what Obamatards like to call "sweeping reforms" on both the domestic and overseas fronts. Plus, now that nobody has any money to go to the movies or drink booze, watching politics will be the only form of "entertainment" left for those of us too stupid to buy a Wii when we could still afford it. On the other hand! Every publication in America and indeed the world will probably go bankrupt in 2009.


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