Is Shep Smith Trying Get Himself Fired From Fox News?


Here's Shep Smith, possibly the only sane human being at Fox, talking about Bowe Bergdahl in a montage put together by the good folks at Media Matters. Dude is clearly off the official script, and we worry for him. Who at Fox is supposed to talk treasonous stuff like this?

If you desert or commit treason, you have to be proved to have done so. We can't just decide because some people come on television and yakety yak, and we've got a report of this and a report of that and that's what happened. As the Army said, as the Pentagon said, you bring them home. You bring them home first, and then you investigate.

And really, can anyone disagree with Shep at 0:29? "It ain't a soup. That's it. It's not a soup."

How true this is.

[Media Matters via Little Green Footballs]

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