Is Special DNC Beer Waste Ethanol Flex-Fuel Making Denver Death Cars Kill Everyone?


Back in May, the Denver Host Committee announced that the Molson Coors Company would be the "Official E85 Ethanol Producer" for the Democratic convention. Joe Coors must be going ballistic, in Hell. The liberal ethanol in Colorado is made from"waste beer" -- you can make "clean-burning ethanol fuel for the fleet of General Motors flex-fuel vehicles to be used for Convention transportation needs" with this "waste beer." Imagine what the "waste beer" -- the stuff that doesn't meet standards -- must taste like at the COORS LIGHT factory. The point is, this rancid beer gas, according to an early Denver operative, is making the cars kill everybody.

This disturbing report comes from Wonkette early bird operative "Madelyn," in Denver:

This morning I was walking to class in the shadow of the Pepsi Center as I do nearly every day and saw something very dangerous. A warning to all those people on the mean streets of Denver:

Watch out for a black hybrid Chevy Tahoe with fancy plates that are specially made for DNC official vehicles. It is being piloted by a young woman no older than intern age. I saw her almost mow down a woman who had the right of way. This same Tahoe almost mowed me down despite my having the right of way. Perhaps she had been drinking what was meant to be the biofuel for the car at 8:30 in the morning, but it is far more likely that she is in the warpath.

Will Barack Obama be killed by cars drunk on beer "flex-fuel"? Stupid Democrats, always blowing the elections with their interns driving beer cars.

Molson Coors Donates Beer Waste Ethanol for Democratic National Convention Flex-Fuel Vehicles [NewsBlaze]


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