Is That a Banana In Gavin Newsom's Pocket or Is Kim Just Happy to See Me?

Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, wife of political maverick San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (He he's pro gay marriage, people!), would like to clarify something. Last week, she told an audience at a gay rights dinner that her husband was "hot" and "hung" and that he wasn't, with one caveat, gay. Here's where the confusion lies: The gesture that accompanied that last remark -- "unless you are better than me" -- was not, as previously reported, "pantomiming eating banana." In her words, "It was not a banana-mimicking gesture," even. She was pretending to give head, people. Sucking her husband off. Performing a blow job. You get the idea. Any other interpretation is wrong. (And thank God, as lots of people give better banana than ol' Kim.) Don't get her started on what she meant when jumped on the table and started humping the microphone.

And people think Teresa is candid.

Newsom's wife says sex joke has been exaggerated [SF Gate]


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