Is That a Gun in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to Run Against Kerry?

gettin_a_stiffy_just_thinkin_about_itThe Washington Post doesn't want you to miss the subtleties of the Second Amendment debate:

    "There's a testosterone threshold -- a cultural debate over manliness," said a Democratic official . . . . The official said that because of primary opposition from Bill Bradley, Gore "ran so far to the left on guns that he left the political center wide open to George Bush."

But still: An entire article on Republican virility, one that mentions how the "center [was] wide open" to Bush no less, and is even accompanied by a picture of the vice president stroking his rod -- and they still didn't manage to work one reference to ass-fucking. Call us next time, ok?

Cheney Tells NRA Kerry Will Target Guns [WP]


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