Is There a Doctor in the House?

In the second sentence of its story on the 9/11 hearings, the NYT drops R-bomb: Condi Rice is leaving her job at the end of the year. Talk about being out of the loop! We had no idea. But it does explain this posting we saw on Craigslist the other day:

    Will Erect Unilateral Foreign Policy for Food

    Do you need someone to lend someone to lend credibility to your plans to invade another country? Is there an administration turncoat you need attacked on nationwide television? Do you need a black woman for your convention podium? (Depending on the nature of the event, I can also create the strong impression that I'm gay.)

    Serious inquiries only (sorry, Mr. Scaife).

Panel Hasn't Heard From Official It Wants Most [NYT]


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