Is There Even One Heterosexual Republican?

In matching Kitty shirts, at the Possum Festival - WonketteCharlie Crist, America's tragically forgotten in-the-closet Republican candidate, is reportedly still a big gay homosexual who won't 'fess up.

Plus, he cheats on his long-term boyfriend, who is a convicted criminal. And the kid he had a gay homosexual sex affair with is also a convicted criminal -- who, obviously, worked for Katherine Harris.

Why are we repeating this? Because the Palm Beach New Times has video of a cute preppie blonde gal giving a Legal Sworn Statement all about how 21-year-old criminal Jason Wetherington had "a sexual relationship" with anti-gay Crist, who is hoping to take over for Jeb Bush as governor of Florida. Wetherington said Crist's real boyfriend is Bruce Carlton Jordan, currently on probation for Grand Theft. The gal -- who has the awesome porn name of Dee Dee Hall -- is the girlfriend of the Florida Republicans' personal pilot (what, you don't have a personal pilot?) and was just trying to set up Wetherington with some other, younger gay Republicans. But Jason was busy, having gay sex with Charlie Crist.

Crist Denies Trysts II [Broward Palm Beach New Times]

Crist and Jordan - the Hall Statement [New Times]


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