Is Your Dumb Old Aunt Writing Obama's Campaign Email Subject Lines?


As we learned in Sunday School, it's super important to make a good "first impression" when sending some spam email to a 2008 political supporter. How many emails do you delete without opening because the subject makes it perfectly clear what's in that email? Let's say "ninety percent," to be conservative (like Obama!). For several years now, the Obama campaign has been in the "delete without opening" file. We know they want money, or for us to watch a speech first and then give money, or for us to look at a YouTube clip and then give money.

We also know we don't have money, and if we did we probably wouldn't be sending it to someone more concerned with winning the affections of Eric Cantor and John Boehner and Paul Ryan than, say, the landslide majority of voters who elected him. So, it probably doesn't really matter how terrible the Obama email subjects are, but somebody has gone ahead and created a "fun web thing" where you can see various dumb subject lines and try to guess which ones were written by your hypothetical aunt with an AOL account and which ones are trying to get campaign money for Obama. Here are some samples:

  • Put this on your car.
  • Is this still your address?
  • This is actually pretty cool.

[Here is the Test]


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