Is Your Meat Really Safe To Eat? Tabs, Mon., April 27, 2020

Tabs gifs by Martini Ambassador!

Joe Biden wants a way bigger stimmy, with a bunch of it Green New Deal-styley. Good. We went down and social distance-saw our friend and her rightwing Trumpy husband and even he gets that you gotta give people free money to spend for everyone, for the economy. — Politico

Dr. Deborah Birx thinks the press is being too mean to that fucking idiot. Yeah, we all saw your face, lady. (Alternet)

Somebody else saw her face too, because now he thinks his coronavirus rallies are a "waste of" his time. Uh huh. (Yahoo)

The New York Times says Donald Trump is a big stupid idiot. MEAN!

I am out of Inquirer articles for the month, so I can't read this Will Bunch about Mitch McConnell coming for your pensions. But maybe you can! (We subscribe to: New York Times, New Yorker, New York mag, Daily Beast, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo, Dame Mag, probably some others who can even say. Next on our list will be the Miami Herald. That is a lot!)

Wanna look at some outdoor kitchens with me? What about these ones?

Utah paid $40 for 7 malaria pills, that seems like a lot. (Salt Lake Trib)

Oh could Trump's Ag secretary have done something about all the food rotting in the fields while foodbanks are empty? Could he be bad at his job? No, that can't be right. — Politico


Gavin gonna feed your granny too, whether she likes it or not. (Newsweek)

Megs McCabe is getting gnarly on all the rightwingers sending thoughts and prayers for your corona. Haha, we're going to make a dumb lib out of her yet. (Daily Beast)

This is an interesting story about Trump's genius MIT uncle who gave Trump all his science genius by osmosis. Apparently, he really was a good, gentle man. Poor Trump's uncle. (Washington Post)

The day everything changed. An oral history of March 11, just 1078 years ago today. — Wired

And oral histories of when we knew the epidemics were over. (Slate)

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