Islamic Nazis Also Really Shitty Rat-Ballers

Surely this was the 'winner' of some 'Fans Make a Logo' Contest ... - WonketteHey everybody, do you like Islamo-Nazis? Probably not too much! (Unless you're "Barry O'Bomber.")

Take a look at that Unabomber/Matthew Yglesias version of the Andrew Sullivan cartoon. Okay, what has been added beneath the office chair? (This is kind of a Daily Sudoku thing.) Right, it's the world's crappiest NBA logo for the world's crappiest basketball team, the Washington Wizards. But have you ever really looked at the logo?

That's right, it's not just a stunningly amateurish attempt at graphic design. It is an ASSAULT ON OUR PRECIOUS FREEDOMS. What is that blue swastika-shaped thing up front? That's right, IT'S A (blue) SWASTIKA. And how about that Crescent-and-Star thing behind the swastika? You got it, it's an ISLAMO-FASCISM CRESCENT-AND-STAR.

It's very important that you write to Little Green Footballs and Malkin (if she's not too busy shooting Backyard Facials 2: Skoolhouse i-Raq) and ask them to PLEASE GET DAN RATHER FIRED or something because this will not stand. Seriously, this is like 9/11 + the Holocaust + Cyndi Lauper × 666, and it's happening right here in Washington! (And at away games.)

First we learn of Major League Baseball's plot to defeat America and join Cuba through a space-time dimensional portal, and now this. Really, what is going on with American sports?

Nothing Can Be Done [Washington Post]


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