It Cannot Be Overstated How Excited Republicans Are That Bad Things Have Happened For America Today


Things are getting so out-of-hand that the forecasters at "Team Romney" are having to step in and act like adults: "There are cooler heads: Former Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden passed along some entirely unheeded advice from another Republican strategist, Scott Stanzel: 'Note to GOP officials/consultants - resist temptation to pile on about Chicago losing just becuz Obama made the pitch.'"

Mitt Romney, of course, was the only major Republican to not go apeshit over the president taking a one-day trip to Copenhagen to try and win his country a major economic boon. Things never look good when Mittens, who believes in absolutely nothing and shifts between comical lies on an hour-to-hour basis, has to step in as the Cooler Head.

[Glenn Thrush]


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