It Is David Plouffe's Turn For A Literary Feud With Sarah Palin, Apparently


[youtube expand=1]

David Plouffe has challenged Sarah Palin to the most important political contest imaginable, it is for the Presidency of the New York Times Best Seller List of America! David Plouffe wants to see if he can do another one of his famous David Plouffe grassroots things and convince more people to buy his book, The Audacity to Win, than Sarah Palin's book. Except, for whatever reason, the contest only counts on December 8th, which is to total meaninglessness what November 4th is to politics. Do stick around for when those contrarian humorists at the Nation inevitably publish the devastating anti-David Plouffe polemic, The Audacity—But Like in the Pejorative Sense!—to Win. [Ben Smith]


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