It Would Appear There Is a Bristol Palin Memoir

It Would Appear There Is a Bristol Palin Memoir

And then it came to this: "Bristol Palin (Author)"

How could you do such a thing, parenthesis? You've betrayed the English language. You too, the word "author."

Anyway, this book is untitled, because it's hard to sum up such a long, meaningful, event-filled life in just a few words. But we will try to help Bristol out. Here are a few suggestions:

War and Peace 2

Speaking GED To Power

Like That Time John McCain Got Captured In Vietnam, But With Some Teenage Hockey Player's Penis

A Life Well Lived, With Some Details of Nelson Mandela's Life To Fill This Thing Out To 304 Pages


Dancing With the Czars: Some Additional Bizarre Things My Mom's Ghostwriter Thinks That Isn't Worth Putting On Her Twitter

Having Sex: The Wildly Profitable Bad Decision

Are You There God? I'm Trying To Sign My Baby Up For An Endorsement Deal

Pre-order now! She's probably great at writing, we bet. (Author) [Amazon via Wonkette operative chascates]


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