Italian Government Shocker: Less Than Half of Parliament on Drugs

An Italian tv show secretly tested the sweat of Italian lawmakers (comedy ain't pretty, etc) for drug use within the last 36 hours. The results: 12 potheads and 4 coke fiends. Considering that this is the Italian parliament we're talking about, we're shocked at how many of them are governing sober. And hell, the US of A could beat that record with one house tied behind our back -- our guys are popping pills, crashing into stationary traffic barriers, punching out cops, texting journalists drunk, checking themselves into rehab left and right, and fucking pages. The entire Illinois delegation is probably freebasing right now.

God bless this great nation, and god bless those 535 speed-addled drunks who pretend to have something to do with running it.

Italy's MPs 'caught in drugs sting' [BBC]


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