Italian Signorina Arrested For Raping Poor Victim Riot Cop's Face Shield With Her Lips


Trigger Warning! It is a sad state of affairs indeed when Rape Culture gets so bad that even women just start stone-cold raping people, or at least start raping riot-cops' face shields, with their mouths! Luckily, these hero Italian riot police havecharged this brutalizing "lady" with "sexual violence" for kissing a riot cop on his face plastic. And ladies: despite the riot cop's dreamy look and closed eyes, DO NOT say he "wanted it."

This horrible sexual violencer, Nina de Schiffre, was protesting a bullet train from Milan to Paris, so she is probably an Italian Tea Partier, we are guessing, since the protests seem to be a mixed-up jumble of "anti-austerity" and "anti-tax" and other nonsense that would not be on the same side of one protest here in US Amercia where things make sense. Anyway, this presumed Tea Partier type person went and kissed a po-po on his plastic noggin, and now she is being charged with sexual violence, like we already said, and also the police are threatening to take away the divine right of protests. But one hero copper isn't scared!

The recipient of De Chiffre's kiss, riot officer Salvatore Piccione, reacted calmly to the incident, saying: “When I'm wearing my uniform I represent the police institution, and I have an obligation not to react to provocation. The important thing is that, in the end, the demonstration went ahead without disturbance.”

It is good indeed that he did not react to the "provocation." Because judging by that face, he reacted to it later, at home, in the privacy of his bunk.

[TheLocal, via Boing-Boing]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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