Sleep tight, child who is about to get killed by terrorists!Hillary Clinton's reverent homage to the cult film genre known as "red phone ads" may pay off big with cinema buffs in Texas. Or it may backfire horribly and leave Texas, and by extension the world, with a President Barack Obama who thinks he can speechify terrorism out of existence. Which will it be?

Mark Penn, the odious fatty behind Hillary Clinton's "strategy," argues that the ad her campaign released Friday is really not so bad as fearmongering propaganda goes. After all, Hillary's ad features vulnerable sleeping children who are about to get bombed into oblivion by some unknown menace, whereas George Bush's own fearmongering ad of 2004 featured scary forest creatures.

Nonetheless, Hillary's ad was sufficiently alarming that it has already prompted a flood of responses: one from the Obama campaign, and one attacking the true menace...scary narrators.

The point is this: the eventual winner of the Democratic nomination will have to face down far more frightening ads from Republican opponent John McCain, who will be airing footage of his latest colonoscopy.

'Red phone' response could decide Texas [Politico]


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