It's 80 Degrees And Humid Somewhere

  • Barack Obama opened up a two week "Crap all over John McCain's economic proposals" tour of America, and the McCain team unveiled yet another brilliant, hopeful slogan: "that’s change we just can’t afford.” [New York Times]
  • One Nevada resident sums up the theatrics in her governor's mansion: "It's like the Clintons if they had gotten divorced." [Los Angeles Times]
  • John McCain and Barack Obama have to figure out how to raise obscene amounts of money while still decrying the obscene amounts of money sullying politics. [Washington Post]
  • The rising cost of air travel may soon make it, once again, the province of the wealthy and privileged. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Remember Nancy Pelosi? She is an Important Political Woman, just like Hillary Clinton. [The Hill]
  • Jim Johnson, the man heading Barack Obama's vice presidential search committee, may be as sullied by ties to the mortgage industry as every other rich person in America. [Politico]

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