It's a Cliché for a Reason

In a post-Obama Girl world, it seems cliché to proclaim myself among the legions of women to find him hot, but then I saw this picture and caught myself envying the AP reporter who gets to follow him around all day capturing moments like these and I had to give up my pride and admit it. The man is hot. He's the hottest Presidential candidate ever. I'm not sure I care whether he can run the country or knows what he's doing if the next 4 years the papers will be filled with pictures like these. He's just so damn pretty sometimes. He's standing next to Iowa State quarterback Bret Meyer who's, what, like, half his age and it's still hard to decide who's better looking. So, I give up. Obama's hot. I, too, have a crush. Damn you Amber Lee Ettinger for making me feel so unoriginal.


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