It's a Gaffe

* Bloomberg's withdrawal from a race he wasn't in will surely leave a huge void that only the strongest non-candidates can fill. [Scrappleface]

* Michelle Obama is all like, "Hilary Who?" [Election Central]

* Slapping asses doesn't become a crime until you're at least Bill O'Reilly's age. [Michelle Malkin]

* Really wacky poll results make us wonder why can't they always be wacky. [The Swamp]

* Junior says its up the Iraqi people to behead their prime minister because that's what you do when you're a democracy. [TPM]

* Karl Rove's rad political squads turned life-long bureaucrats into ineffectual political operatives.[Think Progress]

* When Michael Dukakis has an idea, it's probably best to go ahead and ignore it. [Political Wire]

* War profiteering reaches the blogosphere. [Iraq Slogger]


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