Impeachments No. 1 (right) and No. 2 (left) - WonketteBuried in this Newsweek story is the news that 51% of American voters want Bush impeached -- 28% say High Priority, 23% say Low Priority, 44% against, 6% undecided or don't know what a president is. And only 78% of Republicans oppose impeachment, proving something or other.

Didn't Bush come back in '04 claiming 51% was a "mandate" for all kinds of new fun?

Anyway, expect Democrat candidates to continue saying "La La La" and covering their ears when the I-word comes up ... except for these characters. They're trying to kill the myth that only Bush can be impeached -- which would leave the WH in Cheney's hands, just like today.

Not true! Presidents, vice presidents and the whole cabinet (Hi, Rumsfeld!) can be impeached. In the glorious past, even federal judges and senators have been impeached and thrown out. Not that any of this matters; Bush and Rove and Barron's say the Republicans are keeping both the Senate and the House, and you can't really do anything about it.

Are the Faithful Losing Faith? [Newsweek]

Fear not, GOP: No liberal purge in view [Houston Chronicle]


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