It's a Regular Crapshoot

* Joe Lieberman: drunk on power. [USAT]

* Though relying on Sudan for intelligence about Iraq is a little bit better than simply asking Jesus Christ, it's still a couple of steps shy of just using a dart board. [LAT]

* President Bush is willing to learn from mistakes of previous decades. It's just this decade's mistakes he's going to ignore. [The Hill]

* L. Ron Romney the "best of what the church can produce"? Maybe in a world without The Osmonds. [NYT]

* We wouldn't want our mind-numbingly soulless shit-eating hackery published on the interwebs either. [NYT]

* Courtney's a girl's name, and other reasons to shove Frosh congressman into a locker. [WP]

* Roulette's not really his game, but it's no surprise that John McCain kills at the craps table. [LAT]

* It's possible that partisan cronyism extends beyond the DoJ. Just saying: it's possible. [WP]


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