It's a Sword Swallowing, Body Contorting, Drug-Addled Sort of Weekend
  • Tonight and Saturday, April 18: The Palace of Wonders is up to its usual shenanigans this weekend, starting with the The Olde City Sideshow tonight. A bevy of performers will be jamming swords and other gadgetry into themselves, for variety, with guest stars Hellcat Girls Burlesque. Tomorrow night, the lineup does a switcheroo, with Hellcat Girls headlining and the Sideshow as guests, so take your pick! Both shows are $10 and start at 10PM. [Palace of Wonders]

  • Tonight and Saturday, April 18: If you feel like watching some Cirque du Soleil-type human pretzelry, without selling what remains of your soul for tickets, go see the National Acrobats of China at George Mason University. Just don't reopen old wounds by giggling about their ages; we still need China to buy our bonds, you know. Tickets start at $23. 8PM tonight, 2PM and 8PM tomorrow. [George Mason University Center for the Arts]
  • Saturday, April 18: For those who find the DC International Film Festival a little too mainstream, there is always A Mixed Bag at the National Gallery of Art, a screening of seven short avant-garde "classics." The films are all carefully preserved from the late '60s and early '70s, when the drugs were still good, so if you want a feel for the kind of rabbit hole that awaits, check here. 3:30PM, free. [National Gallery of Art]
  • Closing Saturday, April 18: The Atlas Performing Arts Center happily wrests the image of the talking rabbit from existential-teen-crisis territory with Zomo the Rabbit: A Hip Hop Creation Myth. The play adapts African folklore to modern-day DC, referencing Ben's Chili Bowl and other landmarks as the fable unfolds. The play, starring triple-threat Psalmayene 24, is probably best suited for those who, for themselves or their children, are in need of simple moral guidance. $15, show times vary. [Atlas Performing Arts Center]
  • Today through April 19: In by far the most wholesome event in this post, the DC Dance Collective is hosting DC Tap Fest, a classical bonanza complete with professional tap performances, classes for all skill levels, and "jam sessions," which are probably at least as interesting as they sound. Classes start at $25; check here for a detailed schedule. [DC Tap Fest]
  • Tuesday, April 21: This week's pick from the Psychotronic Film Society is a meditation on the psychology of the soon-to-be-unemployed: Last Ghost Standing features some unknown evil harassing workers at a failing theater with poop monsters and detached heads-as-soccer-balls and ... well, we probably had you at "poop monster." 8PM, $2 donation suggested. [Warehouse Theater]

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