It's All Relative

* When it comes to indiscriminate killing, Blackwater always goes the extra mile. [NYT]

* We just were coming for a minute but stayed for a lifetime. [NYT]

* If we were running for president, we would say whatever it is people want to hear because it's not like we could beat Hillary Clinton anyway. But Barack Obama and John Edwards have different plans. [WP]

* Hillary's not so down with torture anymore, but watch out, because next time she changes her mind she'll be president. [Politico]

* Some people will do anything for health insurance. [Politico]

* Clarence Thomas is having a very private book launch party, but we think it's just because he doesn't have any friends. [The Hill]

* Being tried in a military court is probably a whole lot less scary for a Blackwater guy than a Gitmo guy. [WT]


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