It's Been Fun

Thanks, all, for the fervent support and equally fervent criticism throughout the day. As Drew put it:

I don't want to hear your take on Kerry's motivation for mounting a filibuster. I want to hear dirty jokes about who got lucky in the Senate Cloakroom.

Stop being un-funny.

God, I miss old Wonkette.

We all do, Drew. We all do. It's OK, buddy. Let it out.

At the same time, of course, my view of the U.S. Seante Cloakroom is not nearly so good from Ohio as I would have hoped, and Drew wasn't willing to help me out by going and checking for me. Other than falling down on bringing out that important news, though, I think we had some fun today. Thanks so much to all the visitors, as well as to Ana, David, and Lock for everything!

Best of luck to David and Alex; I hope you wonderful readers enjoy tomorrow's surprise guest; and please come visit me at my blog, Law Dork, if you enjoyed today even half as much as I did.


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