It's Called The 'World Cup,' Not The 'USA Cup,' Traitor

  • Today is the beginning of the quadrennial World Cup soccer-football championship, hooray! Combining the best of sports and vicious nationalism, the World Cup is the one tournament that prompts even a tiny sliver of Americans to pretend to care about this sport. Naturally, this tepid amount of interest is a sinister plot cooked up by the liberal media to destroy our country. WAYS TO TELL THAT A SPORT HATES AMERICA: it is very low scoring (a sign of "nihilism, existentialism, and anomie"), and it is beloved by Latinos. [NewsBusters]
  • It looks like Kyrgyzstan, the most hilariously named of the -stans, is not quite done with its political unrest/ethnic violence/civil war. [NYT]
  • The employees of the Arlington National Cemetery were apparently too busy hating each other all the time to bother burying people in properly marked graves. [WP]
  • John Boehner thinks that BP should have to pay for the damages its oil spill caused. When will John Boehner take his boot heel off the throat of this job-creating powerhouse? [NYT]

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