It's 'Contract For America' Time, Like In The 90s Except NOW


The Republicans' new strategy for winning back the House in 2010 is comprised solely of their strategy for winning back the House in 1994. Ohyes, it is Time for another Contract with America, except maybe this time, John Boehner hints, it will might be called an "Agenda with America," because maybe this sound Internet-ier? Boehner, you tease!

Right so, in no way is anyone doing anything to acknowledge that it is not 1994.

Party officials said Mr. Boehner indicated that “the effort - whether it ends up being called a ‘contract’ or an ‘agenda’ or something else – would involve members of the conference and our candidates.”

He put Representative Kevin McCarthy, an up-and-coming Republican leader from California, in charge of drafting the document. [...]

Given the political emphasis of House Republicans these days, the pledges would probably center on spending, taxes, jobs, immigration and a push against government bail-outs and takeovers of failing businesses among other issues.

Exciting, except, N.B.: Newt Gingrich threatens a do-over of this thing every three years, most recently three years ago, when it would have benefited his proto-failed presidential run.


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