It's Friday, So At Least That's Nice

  • The death toll in a shooting at Northern Illinois University rose to seven this morning. A gunman opened fire in a lecture hall yesterday and then killed himself. [AP]
  • Presidential candidates Obama and Clinton both went to factories this week and talked about how unfortunate it was that America's manufacturing base is pretty much gone. [Washington Post]
  • The writer's strike over, Hollywood is both invigorated and a little bummed that there's all this work to do. [LA Times]
  • The decision about whether the Democratic party selects its first African-American or its first female nominee will be made, ironically, by a tiny cabal of white guys. [Politico]
  • It's almost votin' time in Pakistan, and citizen monitors are on the lookout for vote-rigging. [WSJ]
  • Oh goodness. Accusations of chicanery are now flying around Congress as civility reaches new lows. [The Hill]

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