It's Getting Hot All Over

johnmchugh.jpgPutting Wonkette's own "hottest intern" competition to shame, The Hill ranks and tags the 50 hottest people on Capitol Hill. Lesson: if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a communications director your wife. A whopping six congressmen and women, including the above pictured Rep. John McHugh (Can you stand the hotness?) made it into the top 50 alongside the usual aroma-therapied twentysomethings. But only one journalist made it in - Fox's Megyn Kendall. The rest of you ink-stained wretches are, well, ink-stained wretches. Fix one of those things and maybe you'll have a chance in 2007.

To participate in a glamour show where at least four media people will win, head over to Fishbowl DC's 2006 Hottest Media Types Contest. And keep scrolling around the Fishbowl DC site for coverage of hot people that frankly puts mine in the shithouse.

Hill Intern Hotties: The Winners [Wonkette]

50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill [The Hill]

Fishbowl DC's 2006 Hottest Media Types Contest [Fishbowl DC]

-- David Weigel


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