It's Homecoming Weekend


All your friends who've been in places like Denver and St. Paul for the last nineteen weeks will be back in town tomorrow, hurrah! They will want to drink, heavily. Here are some means to that end, and an elitist movie or two.


  • See some movies about pre-Beatles British musicians: Ring-a-Ding Rhythm and Play it Cool are both playing at 6:30 PM at the Mary Pickford Theater. [Library of Congress]
  • Hear Honor By August at the 9:30 Club along with Kill the Alarm, Zelos and the Dreamscapes Project. This thing doubles as a nonpartisan voter registration drive. $12, doors: 7 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • At the Black Cat, there's Eighties Mayhem, featuring music from that very decade. Hear DJ Steve EP, Missguided, Killa K, Krasty McNasty. It's $10 and starts at 9:30 PM. [Black Cat]
  • Although, at the same time and also at the Black Cat, there will be Britpop, sound and indie pop with DJ Stereo Faith and Hurrah DJs and Mikhail Z. Choose wisely. [Black Cat]
  • Listen to jazz violin at the National Gallery's sculpture garden. It's from 5 - 8:30 PM. [National Gallery]
  • All weekend, you can see Vanessa Redgrave naked and shark terrorism at the AFI Silver. Yes, you guessed it, it's Blow-Up and Jaws, respectively. [AFI Silver]
  • See the terrific 60s-ish Philly band Dr. Dog at Iota at 9 PM. $15. [Iota]
  • Attend a magical night of baby-boomer nostalgia at Bob Newhart's show at the Warner Theater. Tickets are $50+ (depending on how close you want to be to Bob), and it's at 8 PM. [Warner Theater]
  • Idiosyncratic Microsoft spokesperson Jerry Seinfeld will be at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, he will be there through Sunday. Tickets are $50+. 9:30 PM. [Washington Post]


  • The Walkmen are playing at the 9:30 Club. For a sneak preview of the concert, watch the band perform on The OC. $15, doors: 6:30 PM. [9:30 Club]
  • Stick around at the 9:30 Club to check out Tricky with Telepathique. It is a late show, with doors opening at 11 PM. $25. [9:30 Club]
  • There's a CD release party for Gist at the Black Cat. US Royalty and the Dance Party will be there, too ($10, doors: 9 PM). Then a half hour later, hang around for 60s garage and soul ($5, 9:30 PM) . [Black Cat]
  • Earth and Ashes is playing at the National Gallery's East Building Concourse. It is about a mysterious journey, in Afghanistan! 2:30 PM. [National Gallery]
  • Attend the 18th Annual Rosslyn Jazz Festival, in Rossyln's Gateway Park. 12:30 - 7 PM. [Washington Post]


  • John Wayne Hero and the Auxes will be at the Black Cat. $8, 9 PM. [Black Cat]
  • A double-feature of Belle de Jour and its sequel Belle Toujours. Those titles are French puns and it doesn't get more elitist than that. 4 PM at the National Gallery's East Building Concourse. [National Gallery]
  • See the Clash-y reggae/ska band the Slackers at the State Theater, they're performing at 8 PM for $13. [The State Theater]

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