It's Like Ahmadinejad Doesn't Even *Get* What The Spirit Of Rosh Hashanah Is All About


  • Happy New Year (or "Rosh Hashanah") to all Wonkette's Jewish friends! Traditionally one rings in the new year by dipping apples in honey and telling one's parents that of course, one is absolutely going to synagogue tonight. [Washington Post]
  • An alternative way to celebrate: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced earlier today that the Holocaust was a myth. Ok! [New York Times]
  • And speaking of Iran, Obama is going back on all Reagan's Cold War/Star Wars missile defense plans in favor of sending a signal to Israel and the Arabs that the US is well aware of what a bad scene Iran is. [New York Times]
  • Max Baucus will do exactly whatever his new friend Olympia Snowe would like him to do to his health care bill, so long as it does not alienate his old group of friends, the Democrats, in the process. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Apparently nostalgic for a time when people cared about this, the House and the Senate easily passed some crucial legislation BANNING the ACORNs from receiving federal money. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Kim Jong-Il told some Chinese guy, an envoy, that no one had anything to worry about re: North Korea nuking the planet maybe. Despite this, for whatever reason, people are still worried. [Reuters]

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