It's Like Christmas Morning For Atheist Liberals!

  • Fiat, a maker of little Italian cars, and Chrysler, a maker of large American boats, will join forces to save the flagging U.S. company. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Yesterday Barack Obama painted a wall. What did you do in service to America? [Washington Post]
  • The Obama administration is trying very hard to work with both Democrats and Republicans, but both sides are a little pissy after eight (sixteen?) years of trench warfare. [New York Times]
  • A roadside bomb in Kandahar killed two policemen, while numerous Taliban fighters were killed elsewhere in Afghanistan. Everybody wins! [CNN]
  • If Barack Obama's inaugural address does not make 250 million people collectively wet their pants with joy, he will be tarred and feathered and forced to spend the rest of the day in a porta-potty. [Time]
  • If you are a nervous, negative Nellie, your brain will rot. [BBC]

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