It's The First Time She's Been On Target In Years


So you take the good with the bad, I guess / Level three Teflon plate on my chest / And my cock back hollow tip in the chamber / Danger, anger will change ya / And make ya aim that and squeeze

So, that rumored tape recording of Katherine Harris berating her campaign staffers? According to commenters at the St. Petersburg Times Buzz blog (and, really, if you can't trust anonymous blog commenters, who can you trust?), Harris is a little peeved about the possibility of it leaking:

This tape recording has completely caused her to shut down and she is canceling appearances and meetings and is focusing on nothing but the recording (and this blog). Ms. Harris is yelling at staff saying "if a recording is released I will use all my power and spend the rest of my life and money destroying that person."

See, the guy who has that recording is holding back because he's afraid he'll end up like this guy:


Open Message To Disaffected Harris Staffers: Send that tape to us and we guarantee you all the Kevlar you'll ever need. Also, while we're at it, anybody have the full video of Katy's Day At The Range? Please please please?

Former Harris Staffer Disputes Claims [SP Times Buzz]


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