It's The Trailer For Paul Ryan's New Movie, 'Paul Ryan's FY2013 Budget'


Well howdy doo, that nice Boy Scout from down the street who's offered to fix America's finances, Rep. Paul Ryan, is releasing the sequel to last year's Path to Prosperity next week. The last one was... ehh... don't take this personally Paul Ryan... the last one could've had better sound mixing? Also too, it ended Medicare (PANTS ON FIRE). But that's old hat. The second one should be fab! Paul Ryan personally tells us so, right here in this YouTube.

You will all enjoy this newly released "budget trailer" in which Ryan walks down a hallway muttering about America's death at the hands of deficit monsters. He can prevent it, okay, but only if you all just get out of the fucking way.

The script goes something like: Remember the bailouts in 2008? I was here then. Those sure were some bailouts. Anyway, who wants to end the welfare state? We'll do whatever the scary music tells us to do, sir!

[Washington Examiner]


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